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Why We Do It

President and CEO Leah Brown

Leah Brown, President and CEO of A10 Clinical Solutions, Inc., founded A10 after the sudden loss of her loving uncle due to a lack of adequate drugs and medications available to save him.  She lost her dearest friend, loving uncle, confidante and parent who loved her unconditionally.   

Brown decided to turn her misery into the driving force to do something about what happened to her uncle; her unrelenting focus was to form a company whose mission was to be the center of excellence for the clinical testing of biologics that have the highest impact to African-American communities.  Her challenge was to raise the money and find the best of the best: those who were dedicated to saving all of our “uncles” around the world.  In 2004, A10 Clinical Solutions, Inc. was created to be the center of excellence for clinical trials research and healthcare delivery focused on therapeutic products that will aid in combating diseases in patients that have traditionally experienced healthcare disparities.

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