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Employee Spotlight

Emily Stone – Executive Assistant to the President and CEO

As an Executive Assistant at A10, Emily Stone might be the most in-the-know and organized employee here.   Emily does an outstanding job of anticipating and providing the tools and scheduling for Leah Brown to be successful with clients, employees, community organizations and more. 

With an executive’s extensive travel schedule, myriad business meetings and speaking engagements, Emily must remain extremely flexible and responsive to last-minute and continually changing agendas, trips and time changes, as well to the supporting information needed for such important bookings.  Emily notes, “This can make scheduling a bit…challenging, but it’s a great situation to have and we make it work.  I’m now able to identify most major cities by their airport codes, which is actually quite helpful to expedite the booking process.”

Originally from West Virginia, where her mother and sister still reside, Emily graduated from Marshall University with a degree in Legal Studies. Following college, she became a paralegal at a civil defense firm where she handled medical malpractice cases. After moving to North Carolina, Emily held several positions supporting upper-level management before joining A10.

Emily also frequently communicates with external company executives and personnel to coordinate meetings and assists the A10 Account Managers with the execution of contracts and other legal business agreements.  Says Emily,  “Like everyone else on the team, I wear many hats in addition to normal duties and responsibilities. It helps keep the days from being monotonous – there really isn’t a “typical” day.”   

Emily is often the smiling woman who greets all A10 office guests and telephone callers, and schedules travel arrangements for most of the office staff.  When she is not working hard at the office, Emily enjoys baking, cooking, listening to music, watching TV crime dramas, keeping up with current news, and attending sporting events for hockey and rugby.

She says warmly, “I’ve only been at A10 for a relatively short time, but it seems as though I’ve been lifetime friends with many of my colleagues. That’s one of the great things about A10; you’re not only a member of a wonderful team but of a family.”

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