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April 11, 2011 / A10 Clinical Solutions, Inc.

Just Do It!

Many people stress doing what they already do well while others stress trying new things and taking the associated risks. Which do you prefer?

Exploring new ideas in business can be overwhelming and may include plenty of risks; however, it is imperative to become a powerhouse in the industry.  A10 is dedicated to strategic innovations, providing groundbreaking healthcare research and disease prevention.  We have developed a national reputation for supporting clinical projects that have a significant impact on communities that have traditionally experienced healthcare disparities and is now recognized as a premier source of innovative information and services, including our recruiting techniques.  A10 strives to enlist talent using key social media tools for attracting and finding the right personal to fill an available job opening. This ‘cyber recruiting’ system provides A10 with potential candidates for placement that otherwise may not have been found.  

For instance, we all use Internet job boards when we are looking to hire new talent.  But everyone does that.  So we pushed ourselves and decided to do a video advertisement to see what kind of traction we get for qualified candidates.  Check this out: 

For businesses like A10 to grow and expand, new ways of doing business must continually be tried.  This world is forever changing and our novel services certainly keep customers and clients interested.  A big benefit of trying new things is that you will certainly discover something useful that was unexpected.  Whenever an intended initiative has failed or not succeeded as I intended, I have asked myself: what does this mean and how can I find value for the company anyway?  

My advice to you: Expect some failure, but anticipate many successes and learning opportunities along the way. Attempting new processes and outlooks regularly will, without a doubt, refresh your outlook on your business strategies.

Join the A10 Team and step out of your comfort zone – face new challenges today!

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