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February 17, 2011 / A10 Clinical Solutions, Inc.


As you know, I’m working as hard as my willpower will let me to stay on my new healthy lifestyle plan.  My plan calls for 40% protein, 40% veg and 20% carbs.  One of the things that I had to release was my palate-addicted love for white wine.  I’ve tasted the best wines in the world.  South Africa, Argentina and Trader Joe’s $2.99 specials are my top three picks.

My old ritual was to have my delicious glass of unoaked Chardonnay right before dinner.  I realized that was not smart because it makes you hungrier, hence overeating mode kicks in.  Then another glass or two just before bedtime to relax me from my overcommitted schedule and hectic day.  But all the sipping, tasting and soothing had gone right to the scale and had blown by my 20% carb quota in just one sitting.  I had to make a choice; it or me.  Today, I chose me.

Ironically, I’ve gone out only twice socially since I de-friended my buddy, Clos du Bois.  When I order a hot tea or spring water instead of a wine spritzer,  my social guests almost seem uncomfortable.  “Are you sure you don’t want a cocktail?” No, a cup of hot tea would be fabulous, I would politely reply.  They would insist and question my decision not to indulge in the wonderful world of Mai Tais and Cosmos, to the point that I had to invent an excuse.  “Oh, I’m getting over a cold,” (which was true but not the real reason I was reaching for the second Diet Coke).  I was too embarrassed to say that for the past three years my healthy lifestyle has gone to the “waist”side and I’m crawling on my knees to get my health back to where I’m not intimidated by a flight of steps. 

So what I realized is that if you give up alcohol all together, some seem to find it extreme or worse, “that you must have had a problem.”  I’m here to say “Yes, my social friends, I have a problem….it’s called too much BMI!!!!! “

Do you remember in the 60’s and 70’s when everyone smoked?  It was cool and fashionable to be a Marlboro Man.  Is that how we are with alcohol?  Could you ever imagine that in 20-30 years from now there will be a revolution to get everyone to stop drinking alcohol like we do now for cigarettes?  I think that there will be, so I’ve decided to attempt to start early.  Wish me luck.

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