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January 31, 2011 / A10 Clinical Solutions, Inc.

Heart your Health

Every minute, a woman dies of Heart Disease. My mother had her moment two months ago.  Every single minute. Is the next minute mine or yours? My mother’s heart disease was genetic.  She had exceptional healthy habits, a lifetime at the ideal weight (I was so jealous of her) and of course she was a non-smoking (thank God that went out of fashion in the 80’s).  More commonly, as in 90 percent of all women, develop heart disease because of unhealthy lifestyles.   That’s me and most likely you. The couch potato hours, the seconds to make a poor food choice and the years of overweight, all add up to the minute that it will take for our heart to stop beating. 

For years, women’s health was looked at secondarily to men’s health issues because we experienced different symptoms for the same diseases and the medical community didn’t have information to help us protect ourselves.  The time has come to fight for our heart health.  This year I have aligned myself as a CEO of a major healthcare company with the American Heart Association. 

I am part of the Go Red for Women Executive Leadership Team devoted to raising awareness among women to “know your numbers” and learn about your risk for heart disease and ways to prevent it.  This Friday, February 4, is the AHA’s national “Wear Red Day” in support of the “Go Red for Women” campaign, which provides education about heart-disease risk factors for women, hosts community events, provides CPR kits and raises money for heart disease research.

To learn more about keeping women heart healthy, please visit:

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