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December 28, 2010 / A10 Clinical Solutions, Inc.

Sit, Stay, RUN! Good Girl!

I’m starting to hear a common request from the people around me:  Stop, Rest, Sit down.  It sounds like the commands that I give my very obedient “half-German shepherd and half-something else” best friend:  Sit, stay, down; good girl, Ginger! 

Well-intended friends and family members leash me in by barking commands over and over; so in the spirit of being a good girl, I follow their directions by circling around and around and around to find the right comfort spot to lie down. As I lie in the traditional horizontal resting position with one eye squinted opened, my inner self doesn’t want to sit, stay or rest.  I want to run, sprint about, explore every scent the world offers, and mark my spot where I deem appropriate.

One day, my longtime friend from New York, Charmane, offered to take me to her yoga class to help me relax and rest my mind. I soon discovered my favorite position was the “downward dog.”  Downward Facing Dog is one of Yoga’s most frequently practiced poses.  I learned that without Downward Dog, your body would have nowhere to rest during Power Yoga. It also allows you to stretch to your highest potential. When yoga-dog-resting, you feel mighty.  If you’re familiar with this form of exercise, you know that no other pose can affect so many different parts of your body at one time as Downward Dog.   

So this is my point: I find respite my own way.  Relaxation to me is similar to Downward Dog.  The traditional “days off” look like I’m upside down in strenuous and stressful action; but it’s my unique way of taking a breather and enjoying my special form of recreation.

I believe you can exude energy through your being while actually being at rest.    If one of yoga’s most popular power poses is idolized after a dog , can’t I get some credit for finding relaxation while business networking over the weekend, reading trade journals late at night, and kicking around new entrepreneurial ideas with my teenage sons on Christmas Day? 

Please take solace that my sweet dog, Ginger, sleeps peacefully through all of my restful activities.

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