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October 11, 2010 / A10 Clinical Solutions, Inc.

A10 is Kool

As Kool and the Gang remind us, we must celebrate good times!

We could have had long speeches by people in high places for A10’s Fifth Anniversary celebration; as a matter of fact, that was the plan.  Then at the last minute, I scratched the plans to be traditionally corporate, follow protocol, and be upstandingly boring.  Not this time; for we celebrated the A10 way!   We celebrate with candor, zest, and gut-wrenching spirit. Kool would have been very proud of us.  We had much to celebrate and celebrate we did!

There were funny stories told by clients, my aunts from New Jersey became some sort of sitcom show, and the band made us dance as if we were back in the old school daze.  That was just one of the celebrations on Oct 1st during our 5th anniversary celebration for A10; there were many more that I will share later. 

Just know that we rejoiced in that fact we work tirelessly to serve large pharmaceutical companies and  government agencies to meet their clinical goals, resulting in A10’s moving closer to our mission of healing the world.

A10 and guests celebrating good times

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