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September 24, 2010 / A10 Clinical Solutions, Inc.

Stop and Cause a Big-Fat Belly Laugh

When I established A10 Clinical Solutions, Inc. five years ago, I was a single mother of two with limited financial resources.  Attempting to provide for my family was difficult and overwhelming, but it morphed into a high-powered drive that contributed to the success I have achieved in business.  I faced many struggles in the beginning including: time management constraints, borderline burnouts, zero personal life and over-commitments.  I fought back for control by committing to set schedules and a healthy balance of business and pleasure.  My biggest piece of advice for those who find themselves in a similar circumstance: Play hardER AND work smarter!

To remain level-headed and live a stress-reduced life…it’s time to play harder than you work.  Yes, don’t look for that extra hour for exercise, or read a boring book to exercise your brain.  Do something fun; preferably silly.  For instance, I’m not embarrassed to share with you that I LOVE jumping in the pool with my clothes on.  Also, that I watch Miley Cyrus and That’s So Raven every Saturday morning.  Last weekend, I learned and practiced two new Karaoke songs in front of my BFF and we laughed until we couldn’t breathe.  Yesterday, I climbed a tree with my son (in this case, do what I say – NOT what I do!).  Granted this mindless play is not a cure, but more of prevention. 

It’s my opinion that this healthy fun attitude will prove advantageous to you, your company and your loved ones because they see that you enjoy you! This type of attitude is money-back guaranteed to be contagious.

Take time to stop and cause a big-fat belly-laugh.

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