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September 22, 2010 / A10 Clinical Solutions, Inc.

New Travels, New Initiatives

Leah Brown takes in the Chinese culture

I have recently returned from a trade-mission trip with the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) in China; what an opportunity!  This being my second trip to China, I was better prepared for the language barriers, diverse food, herbal remedies and healing teas.  I even made sure that my Corporate Controller, Bob Stanley, who is located at our Cary corporate office, revised our budget plan to allow for a $3 foot massage – a must while in China!  Being well-acquainted with the area already allowed me to focus more on the business aspect of my travels. 

While exploring the healthcare systems of Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai, I was able to see clearly how A10 could use this international platform to get involved in areas where underserved populations lack adequate health care.  China’s health care system has had its fair share of inadequate government funding do the vast number of people that populate this country.  Moreover, medicines are largely unavailable to rural residents,  who earn pennies on the Chinese dollar and because of inadequate transportation, are isolated from the major cities where the hospitals and access to treatment reside. 

It has been my understanding that most Chinese residents do not see traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine as being in conflict.  In cases of emergency, there seems to be no reluctance in using conventional Western medicine.  At the same time, belief in Chinese medicine remains strong in the area of maintaining health.  For example, they will see a Western doctor if they have acute appendicitis, but they exercise or take Chinese herbs to keep their bodies healthy enough to prevent appendicitis.  Very few practitioners of Western medicine in China reject traditional Chinese medicine, and most doctors in China will use some elements of Chinese medicine in their own practices.  Traditional Chinese diagnostics and treatments are often much more cost-effective than Western methods that require high-tech equipment or extensive chemical manipulation.

This trip allowed me to extensively learn about Chinese medicine practices and healthcare systems.  I can now fully reach out to their healthcare systems to help them achieve the success they desperately need and desire.  It is imperative for an economic superpower like China to utilize business opportunities to increase development, growth, healthcare awareness and ultimately, increased budgets.  A10’s expertise will now be shared with internationally based healthcare systems like that in China, and will continuously fight to improve healthcare for those who need it most.  Our unwavering commitment to Heal the World continues…………


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  1. Laura Horne / Sep 22 2010 7:31 pm

    I look SO forward to your stories…and I loved the one about working mothers – I know all too well about that. What an experience this must have been?!?!? I admire you for your unwavering mission….

    Can’t wait for the next story!

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