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September 1, 2010 / A10 Clinical Solutions, Inc.

Visit to the Dongzhimen Hospital – University of Chinese Medicine – Beijing China

Leah Brown (second from right) with Dr. Yaoxian (far right) posing in the Chinese herb garden at the Donzhimen Hospital in Beijing, China

The purpose of my visit today is to learn about Chinese traditional medicine and determine if there is an opportunity to integrate these practices into A10’s Clinical Care On-Site Corporate Clinics.

I was quite moved this morning as an invited guest of the Donzhimen Hospital, which is the main public teaching institution in Beijing.   The President Dr. Yaoxian (far right in photo) provided me with a candid and lively conversation about the challenges of Chinese hospital administration and the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine despite our words going through translators.  In this photo we sit in a Chinese herb garden that represents typical medicines that the hospital prescribes for treatment daily.  Not sure how the SFDA regulates these gardens!!!!

The hospital sees over 5,000 patients per day and provides both primary and emergency care for the people of Beijing.  No physician can practice outside of the hospital so patients go to the hospital for all treatments.  Citizens in the rural areas typically rely on home remedies because transportation to the city hospitals is quite difficult.

The number one killer for men in Beijing is Lung Cancer mainly caused by the chronic smoking that has been historically part of their culture.  The leading killer for women is breast cancer with the main causes cited as environmental and stress-related.

Unlike America, medical students can start their studies directly out of high school; hence they can become physicians within five years.  Similar to the U.S., there is a major nursing shortage compounded by the fact that the R.N.s are paid up to $500 USD per month.  Yes, that is a highly paid worker in China!

The inferior conditions are caused mainly by the age of the building, lack of central air and extreme over crowdedness.  However, the practice of medicine is astonishing and mesmerizing.  Clearly HIPAA legislation doesn’t exist here.  This video, linked to A10’s YouTube account, says it all! 

Healing the World,


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