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August 31, 2010 / A10 Clinical Solutions, Inc.

My Hot New Husband

I didn’t realize part of packing for a business trip to Beijing would require me to decide how I wanted to die.  With the company growing as rapidly as it has, I’ve been advised to revamp my will and update my succession plan in the event I don’t return.  Did my advisors know something that I didn’t about Asia?

When I was married, it was pretty easy to construct my will — everything went to my first husband of 18 years.  Now, I’m remarried.  Married to my business.  His name is A10.  First name A, last name 10.  This new marriage doesn’t give hugs, or say silly things when you’re down; it doesn’t even take out the garbage.   What my 2nd husband does is create jobs, help grow the economy and provide me with a long list of people that I want to thank for unrelenting support and always advocating for our marriage.  Those people are my long-standing clients, loyal employees and trusted partners.

I also thought about who has been most impacted by this business-arrangement that morphed into being my husband.  I think first of my two sons.  They were the ones that had to absorb most of the sacrifice.  When I’m far away, like now on this 15-hour trip China, I know subconsciously they prefer me being around more.  But they also know their mom.  She can be a little cranky if she isn’t moving about the earth.

Then there are my parents who still love me even though I can’t spend much time on the phone to talk about which Girl Scout troop will be leading my hometown’s Labor Day Parade.  Finally, there is my sister, who is the primary care giver of my ailing mother.   I know she wants me around more but my marriage obligates me to stay elsewhere.

Will I regret remarrying? Only time will tell.  But right now, it’s my calling, it’s my obligation, it’s my life, and I’m quite happy and fulfilled.

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